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Rev. Rasika Jayasooriya
Genre Rock
City Nugegoda
Country Sri Lanka


  1. Name                                               : Rev. Rasika Jayasooriya
  2. Address                                           : The Living way Church, 381/1, High Level Rd; Gangodawila, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
  3. Date of Birth                                  : 19thAugust 1972

    4. Spouse's Name                            : Himali Jayasooriya

    5. Children                                          : Enosh Jayasooriya
  4. Church Fellowship                      : Church Of the Foursquare Gospel

    7. CD's released                                : Kurusiya Pamula , Gala Halena Nil Nadiyak Se
  5. Christian Ministry  Experience      :      Graduated from the Life Bible College in 1990. Elected as the Senior Pastor of the Living Way Sinhala Congregation in 1991. Leads the Discipleship program of the congregation                                        in the Island and in overseas. Serves as the Director to the Board of the Foursquare Church, Supervisor to the Sabaragamuwa Province and Youth Director  of the                                                                                                         Foursquare Gospel Church. Serves as a teacher at the Life Bible Institute and Colombo Theological Seminary. Graduate of the Colombo Theological Seminary.

  6. Other                                                       :  Member of the Board of Directors at the Church of the Foursquare Gospel, Sri Lanka  
                                                    Youth Director at the Church of the Foursquare Gospel, Sri Lanka  
                                                                                  Provincial Supervisor
  7. Contact                                                     :+94  773 508209+94  112821773 /
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